The history of Sailor’s Valentines date back to the early nineteenth century. Folklore tells us that the Valentines were made by Sailors passing time on long sea voyages.  However most Valentines were made on the island of Barbados between 1830 – 1880.  Sailors from American and English ships stopping to port in Barbados bought Sailor’s Valentines to  give to their wives, daughters and sweethearts as tokens of love and affection after being away for long periods of time at sea.


Sailor’s Valentines are eight sided wooden boxes that range in size from miniature to 24 inches or larger.  These boxes contain intricate patterns and flowers made mostly of seashells.  Sailor’s Valentines boxes are crafted in Mahogany, Cherry and several other fine woods and are sometimes hinged together in pairs.  The boxes are then encased in glass to protect the shell artistry.


Sailor’s Valentines whether antique or new are highly collectible, and adorn homes all over the world.  They are highly prized by collectors making them heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation…


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